the dead poets

A Poetry-to-Tunes Band since 1996

Frost for 2019!

Bonus release! On January 1st, 2019, one of Robert Frost's most beloved poems, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, entered the public domain. And The Dead Poets are ready with a never-before-released musical treatment - available as a free download! Listen, share, and enjoy!

About The Dead Poets

In general:

We all live in or near Asheville, North Carolina. Our first performance was in 1996 at the legendary Green Door on Carolina Lane; our most recent performance was in 2013 at Altamont Theatre. For over 20 years we've played together, for audiences ranging from five people in tiny bar to five hundred in a packed auditorium.

In particular:

Downloads of The Dead Poets

Enjoy these free tracks from a 2006 studio rehearsal.

We're sharing these more recent recordings of previously released songs for your pleasure. Check out tracks from our latest release via one of the links below.

Music of The Dead Poets

We've done Wordsworth's Daffodils as a do-wop a cappella. We've done Plath's Mirror as a polka, Wilcox's Solitude as a bossa nova, and Longfellow's Snow-flakes as a haunting ballad. We have originals, too, that teach about cowboy poetry from the other side of the fence, and how every poem by Emily Dickinson can be sung to the tune of A Yellow Rose of Texas.


Our first release is out-of-print, our second release is rare, but our latest is still available. Click below to sample and purchase! And don't forget to download some free tracks while you're here. We'll be back!

The Dead Poets FAQ

Here are just a few questions which, to be quite honest, come up pretty frequently.

Where can I see you perform live?
Sorry, we seldom do that anymore. However, if you join Allan's mailing list, he'll let you know if we do. It's also possible we'll upload some videos at some point, we'll see.
I've lost/worn out/want to give as a gift your first CD. Is it still for sale?
Alas, we have no more of them. You may be able to find one used on Amazon or ebay. If you've bought one and lost it or worn it out, please contact us and we'll be happy to burn you an authorized bootleg.
Are you going to release any more CDs?
Happily, while the answer used to be, "maybe, we'll see," our new release is now available! And more are almost certainly on the way.
Wait, no physical CD? Why is this release only available for digital download?
Quite simply, it was faster. And easier. And more fun. If you really want a physical CD, go ahead and buy the digital version, mail us a copy of your receipt along with $5 for postage, and we'll happily send you your own, personalized disc with custom printed cover and maybe even a few bonus tracks. Contact us below for details.
Can we book you for our club in England/Belgium/Germany next month?
Actually, there are a number of bands in the world using DEAD POETS in their name. We were among the first (the excellent Dead Poets Society predates us, as did a couple of fellows in Connecticut), and there will be others. If you're not looking for three guys based in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, then we're probably not the particular incarnation you're seeking, sorry. Try Google.

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